Beam it over, Scotty

Blame it on the "cloud" but these days there is no denying the fact that decent broadband is very important to business. One such business based in Ireland was contemplating closing an office down to the fact that the local telco had no timeframe to improve matters. They had broadband but a 1 m/bit download isn't going to connect you all that well. Yet only 2 miles away the other office was enjoying thirty times the speed, broadband wasn't holding them up. Fortunately they discussed their predicament with our cabling partner and our cabling partner knew straight away who to contact. We own the hill..... The customer owned some land and interestingly enough a hill between the two offices. Fro

Get turned on with Vera

Sorry for putting your hopes up but Vera is not a woman, not even human in fact. Vera is a Home Automation system. And yes, whilst we don't actively market ourselves as purveyors of Home Automation systems we will install it in the homes or businesses of our customers. One such install was for the owner of a furniture retail business (for whom we install and maintain their IT & Telecoms). The owner mentioned that he was getting his central heating revamped and wondered if there was an alternative to the all too complicated Central Heating controllers you typically have in your kitchen. I mentioned that my house runs off an old laptop in my hallway, he was intrigued. Now my own house uses X10