My signature moment..

Several years ago I had a most "blinding" idea - however it was one that had well and truly been thought out and documented elsewhere. But with my "Keep I.T. Simple" hat on I'll now show you mere mortals how to create a cloud based email signature for your Office365 email. Firstly, Microsoft never meant this feature to be used for signatures - it was meant to put in the disclaimer at the bottom as in please respect the environment and don't read the email (even the juicy confidential bits) if you are not the intended recipient and so on and so forth. The good thing with the disclaimer is that it supports HTML - it also supports environment variables (within the Microsoft environment), so thi

Gone Phishing

Three hours of my life have been consumed today as a result of 1) a fake website 2) an elderly relative asking to be called by this website and 3) said elderly relative allowing persons unknown to take control of his PC to fix "26 infected drivers" My elderly relative loves a "bargin". He frequently peruses Ebay for stuff that he thinks he needs, yet will be in a box in a car boot one day. There is no harm in that to be fair, it keeps his mind active and he enjoys it. His latest purchase was a Garmin satnav (he still drives, just). This satnav being secondhand was a bit out of date - confusion reigned when it reckoned he was driving through a field last week and so he decided he needed to co

The Bank of No.....

Nope, not a gripe about banks and their strange twisted love of SMEs, this is about my company - KITS IT Ltd. Whilst coming rather late to the game of proforma invoicing (it is good to learn from errors of judgement) it is something that is now well and truly embedded in my business model. This week in particular I have been approached by two separate companies, companies that we provide , albeit infrequent, IT Support for. One looking for four decent refurbished laptops, and one looking for two high-end workstations with touchscreen monitors. All told, my buy price alone was the guts of £4000 even before the addition of that awful word called profit and install/setup charges. One deal is go