The one in the middle !

Now, apologies if you're having to stare a bit. If you have a keen eye you will just make out a gravelly shore and a reflection (the one in the middle) of my shed light. Between the shore and the light is 3 miles of water and the boundary between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. No, this is not a post about Brexit - that could be another post about me in my Speedos, a waterproofed rucksack and some cunning plan to circumvent any no-deal..... This post is about home & office automation. One minute before this picture was taken there was no light in the middle - the picture was marginally less interesting than this one. One tap on my phone's Vera App ( and th

Take responsibility or is it going the extra mile ??

So, if some of you know, remember or are old enough to remember Victor Meldrew then you could accuse me of having a Victor'esque moment. When you have been helping out and been involved in helping out customers with "techy" issues for a good few years you kinda get into the trap of expecting others to do as you would. The reality can be markedly different, customer care is all too often seen as an expense by the "number crunchers upstairs", so much so that they package it up and offload it to a subcontractor , a subcontractor that wins the business on price. They, correctly, have systems in place to manage the mundane issues that come about through end-user error or predictable system failur