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Our Services

The down to earth and simple approach for all your I.T. support.


Looking after anything with a flashing light on it, our services include:


computer networking, wired; WiFi, point to point wireless network connections

supply and maintenance of PCs, laptops and servers

mission critical software support, including Windows & Microsoft Office365

antivirus & anti-malware software including PC / server recovery services

cloud email scanning, stop phishing and malware before they reach your inbox

cloud computing, including cloud PC and server backups

VOIP telephony, cloud-based and on-premises

supply and maintenance of subscription free home automation - switch on the kettle as you pull up to your house, switch on your heating from anywhere....

structured data cabling, including fibre optic

office furniture and office layout design

● and much more.


We'll carry out a comprehensive on-site assessment of your requirements and existing systems. You'll receive a copy of our assessment and our suggestions for a user-friendly system, that works for you.


There will definitely be NO unnecessary, complex systems to make sense of. It’ll be simplicity itself. With a system that makes sense to you, is easy to run and maintainLeaving you to get on with running your business.


Keep I.T. Simple is the aspirin for your I.T. headache.

When the odd hiccup occurs, we’re a phone call away and will have it fixed in a flash.

You won't find cheesy, stock images of smiley, beautiful people here. Or pages full of overly technical "guff" to blow your mind. Just our promise to deliver the system you need.

If you're in a hurry head over to our Support Plans page or visit our online Helpdesk

To pay an existing invoice please head to our Pay page

To view our GDPR policy please see our GDPR Compliance Statement page

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