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An alternative blog....

Not quite alternative but in it's original print format it was :) (this was just a copy and paste, excuse the complete lack of creativity on this one)

Here goes.....

An alternative blog – the KITS IT guide to what we do

First of all, yes, I know “blogs” are online but you are all busy people so I thought a quick piece of paper was the best way to grab your attention.

If having read all this you want to throw it in the bin then at least humour my engineering brain and turn this into paper airplanes to ease its trajectory – instructions are at the end.

I’m in business to solve problems, in particular your IT & Telecoms problems, and thankfully to you kindly folk and your many referrals KITS IT operate in a very diverse field of industry sectors.

So, before you see a list of all the stuff we do and have done, here is the current A to Z….




Building Services

Civil Engineering




Financial Services

Health & Safety






Meat Production





Wind Energy

The list is just in case you need something from this list, who knows I may be able to refer you and make your life that bit easier.

Now, within the list we have designed, supplied, repaired, installed: -

Anti-virus & anti-malware software

Call centres - yep, take one big empty office and two weeks later have it operating as your call centre – we can even sort out the dial 1 for this, dial 2 for that and dial 3 for eternal call centre bliss 😉

Cloud based backup systems – with internet speeds on the up you too can backup all those important things to the internet (securely) to ensure you don’t have to worry about changing over disks in the office.

Cloud servers – securely have your server in a datacentre rather than humming away in the corner (where your company circumstances suit it of course)

Computer networks – get all your office devices connected, securely and efficiently

Computer cabling – everything neat and tidy, not a birds’ nest full of wires in the corner

Digital signage – have areas where your staff or the public congregate? – we’ll help you get your message across

Domain names – don’t be a – get your own domain name and look that bit more professional

Encryption – sensitive data on your PCs / servers / laptops? Hard to guess passwords aren’t the total answer – make sure the data is encrypted as well.

Home automation – well a bit of a lie, let’s call it Office Automation – switch on your lights, boiler, hot water, in fact most things that work off electricity, from your mobile phone.

Network, pc, server monitoring – need to know if anything has stopped working? We’ll send you a text and/or an email to let you know.

Office365 – aka email, cloud storage, Microsoft Office software

Out of area phone lines – have customers in London but you work in Belfast? Then we can get you a London number, in Belfast

PCs, laptops & servers, printers

Remote access – access your work PC / server from your home, or Hotel room, or beach in Spain…

Telephone systems – cloud based or office based

UPS systems – aka battery backups – keep your important kit switched on when the electricity supply is far from stable

Voip – make calls over your internet connection – save on line rentals and call charges.

WiFi networks – we can cover your one room office up to your 100-acre farm

Wireless network bridging – connect your offices together, your factories together or even a link out to see your expensive pedigree cattle, if our A-Z of services might help you (or a friend) make ABC of their IT and Telecoms, either give us a call, or at least fly the plane in their direction (we're all enviro friendly here and like saving everyone £€)

Now, YOU want to call KITS or learn how to make a plane?

Have a Great Day

Gavin Goodman


(Now if you really want to fly a paper plane - here is some inspiration to choose from, the original print format had the complete how-to)

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