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The Hydro-electric Pig....

OK, bizarre title. But it just goes to show how the "universe" unfolds and how seemingly unconnected things are actually connected.

I won't go in why I farm pigs - just to say they live in a completely natural outdoor environment and they are great things to have around to chat to when you need to "re-centre" your mind. And yes you do after 14 years get to understand what they are saying back ! :)

So, a few years back I get a phone call from London. A fella wanted a boar to hang out with female porkers in his woodland over in Northern Ireland. We agree a price and a few days later his farm manager turns up and collects Nathan (the boar). Then I return to my (then) existence as an IT Manager.

Fast forward to Autumn 2017, my pig purchaser acquaintance gives me a call. He remembered that my main thing was all things "IT" related. Turns out this woodland was part of a bigger plot of land on a town boundary, with planning for a small factory and complete with a river, and, a waterfall. The factory will need all the modern day flashing light IT stuff - a complete over simplification but then my job is after all to "Keep I.T. Simple" and power to run it all. Having done a fair bit of research into renewable energy for a remote WiFi project I knew immediately who to speak to. With measurements made my next foray will be hydro electric power plants - I won't be installing it but I will know how it all works and in line with my skills I'll have it all remotely monitored.

Keeping an eye on it all...

With substantial investment there is also a need to see what's going on. With having set up a few CCTV systems in my time it was something that I had no qualms in saying "we can do that" and that has led to similar involvement with the landowner's holiday home in Northern Ireland as well. Net result is that he will be able to see who is at his front door or outside his factory from several hundred miles away in London. And all this from buying a pig !

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