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Is it really worth it ?

OK, I get it , your computers are working just fine right now, so why spend any money. They could go just fine for another few years without any bother at all. The cabling is a case of leave it well alone because, right now, it's working.

Before tidy

Besides, the actual cost of getting it fixed up - "we really can't spend that sort of money" is often bandied around. But, step back - look at your figures - if that jumble of wires does cause you bother and your business is, effectively, crippled for a day - how much is that going to cost you ? Way more than the cost of a few hours labour that can be sure. Hey, but then again if you run a business where you are the "owner" of such a tangle would you even know your figures ? Do you run a business where you are at the mercy of your systems and processes OR do you run a business where your systems and processes support you?

(hint, the latter is the model of a successful business)

Oh, and before I get some "internet troll business owner" having a rant - you can have a successful business with a big tangle of wires but there will be cracks hidden in there as well.....

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