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The Bank of No.....

Nope, not a gripe about banks and their strange twisted love of SMEs, this is about my company - KITS IT Ltd. Whilst coming rather late to the game of proforma invoicing (it is good to learn from errors of judgement) it is something that is now well and truly embedded in my business model.

This week in particular I have been approached by two separate companies, companies that we provide , albeit infrequent, IT Support for. One looking for four decent refurbished laptops, and one looking for two high-end workstations with touchscreen monitors. All told, my buy price alone was the guts of £4000 even before the addition of that awful word called profit and install/setup charges.

One deal is going through albeit with some "you're not the guy I used to know" comment, whilst the other has been met with silence. Perhaps when money is all made and semi-retirement is upon me I'll be looking to give back to support local businesses but for now I am also the owner of The Bank of No...

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