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Take responsibility or is it going the extra mile ??

So, if some of you know, remember or are old enough to remember Victor Meldrew then you could accuse me of having a Victor'esque moment. When you have been helping out and been involved in helping out customers with "techy" issues for a good few years you kinda get into the trap of expecting others to do as you would.

The reality can be markedly different, customer care is all too often seen as an expense by the "number crunchers upstairs", so much so that they package it up and offload it to a subcontractor , a subcontractor that wins the business on price. They, correctly, have systems in place to manage the mundane issues that come about through end-user error or predictable system failures. Life is managed, the CFOs are happy. But, then something unexpected happens, something that isn't a line item in the system or something that the field engineer, who 6 months before hand was being told what binary was, can fix. Then the gaps in the system are exposed. How do they fix an issue within the allotted, budgeted fix time if the system can't work out what is wrong and the poor lad or lass assigned the job just simply doesn't have the experience or knowledge for ?

Answer ? They either ignore you, close the ticket and then it is someone else's problem or, when you explain that it hasn't actually been fixed they send you a note to compliment you on working with them to identify the issue and then close the ticket.

"Thank you again for the prompt response to our email, we are really happy you have provided to discuss the issue. Regarding your inquiry we will sure to check another solution for it". Now, in plain English what does this actually mean? To me it means we really don't give a stuff, please move your business to a company that cares, Not many of these "support companies" actually take the bull by the horns and fix it.

If you want something fixed it appears that you need to deal first hand with the organ grinder and not the monkey or simply ignore the "big guys" and just deal with the SME system/software provider. They are still at the stage where they "get it" - they take responsibility, they go the extra mile.

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